Cam-Trax presentation for Startup Seeds

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Published on: May 29, 2008
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We are off to give a presentation to the wonderful young minds of StartupSeeds! Stay tuned for further updates.

  1. Adir says:

    I was there, i saw the presentation and i gotta say, Its amazing !!!
    Can’t wait to test the beta :)

    Adir .

  2. emmanuel says:

    this is just amazing i can’t wait till i get to test the beta either!!

  3. BLaCkWiSh says:

    That’s unbelievable! I WANT IT! Great job, guys ;)

  4. johnny says:

    Really good job, could you please leave your contact number, email, or MSN to me, we hope we can co-operate with your team in this area in the future! :)

  5. Dudi says:

    Like a famous console, but without any expensive controller! I would like to test it! :)

  6. Gil Berger says:

    I was there, freat idea and great creation.

    Good Luck!

  7. exchiller says:

    This is just great! No more damn wires, no batteries, GREAT!

  8. Loopie says:

    Very impressive, I can see this being huge as long as the response time is fast enough. I look forward to picking up a real stearing wheel for my racing games, and an airsoft AK47 for my FPS games!

    Any idea when the beta might launch, from the video it seems nearly at that point?

  9. Skaton says:

    You are doing a great job.
    I saw in your web that you will release it only in free version, Thanks for it :D
    How can i register here?
    I signed up as betatester, for contac with you i mst send a mail or do you have a forum? or any thing?

    Thanks again.

  10. Pattyn says:

    Can’t wait to see if this thing really works.
    From what I can see of the video this thing is already amazing!

    I’m excited

  11. HSO says:

    Thank you guys so much for making this free!
    If it can do half the things in the video then you guys are incredible.

  12. Brilliant, would love to BETA it, and ‘tell the world’. Really can’t wait!

  13. Nir Azuelos says:

    It can do even more things then shown in the video..

    That means they are super incredible? P:

  14. Pablo Mielec says:

    That’s really great! I watched movie from YouTube and I bet! I also had seen second movie from Need For Speed Underground 2 and it’s really active! I bide on Beta version ‘n I hope it will be for free.

  15. P@eRo05 says:

    Siete fantastici….aspetto con ansia questa beta..di questa applicazione rivoluzionaria….:) addio touchscreen:)

  16. WebCam Games says:

    Hi! :)
    You can download and tray similar games on !
    Have a lot of fun! :)

  17. frankie says:

    hi guys, OMG u are very great… this soft is fantastic i would like to test the software plz send to me the beta version…
    i couldnt sleep when have this soft in my pc :P

  18. n0r3k says:

    cant wait to test it

  19. Galliat says:

    hi im from uruguay and the software is a boom here i cant wait to test it please send me the program!!!!

  20. steve cave says:

    great work guys can see loads of different applications for this fantastic piece of software …controllers for my studio (ala jean michelle jarre lol)to learning aids and making it free well i thank you for that and hope your futures are paved with success!!
    cant wait too test it

  21. wdmzsswb says:


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