CamSpace is born!

by admin
Published on: June 1, 2008
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From this day forward, thou shalt know my name is CamSpace!

  1. We have decided to release only free versions of the product. We will never charge users for the software.
  2. We are currently getting ready to release a BETA version for Windows. We can’t talk about a specific time period, but soon. Very soon.
  3. A version for Mac is on our to-do list. Linux is as well.
  4. We are currently a small garage operation and are overwhelmed by the attention and excitement our video created. We promise to grow to the challenge as soon as possible and make good on our plans.
  5. Bloggers – Thank you very much!!! Your work breathed new life into our work (and got us addicted to youtube). You drive us forward on all levels and together we will revolutionize the industry.

And the people rejoiced.

Stay tuned for further updates!

  1. Mike says:

    I just saw your demo on a TiVoCast… Awesome looking! I am signed up as a beta, and can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  2. Willhelm says:

    Linux would rock! People that like these thing often use linux. Like me ;) .

  3. zlemur says:

    Go go gadget stumbleupon!

    This is by far the best stumble tonight – or for a long time, for that matter.

    I’d seen similar tech years ago in a computer store but it was woefully inadequate for anything useful. This looks ridiculously promising!

    Please don’t burn out! FINISH THIS PROJECT!

  4. johannes says:

    it’s SO nice you have decided to let it be free.
    its such revolutionary software that it possibly can breed a whole generation of apps. therfore i thank you thousands of times.

  5. Leviathan says:

    Nice nice NICE! :D

  6. Seba says:

    I can’t wait for the BETA! :)

  7. nazari says:

    the posibility of this software are great, virtual keyboards laptops, nes interface of games.
    I can’t wait for the beta!!!!!!!

  8. 0pako0 says:

    I buy webcam yesterday and wait for the beta :D
    I live in Poland, soft here is extremely expensive so VERY THANKS for freeware.

  9. vimmiv says:

    I saw the demo in youtube,it’s a very interesting software,i can’t wait for a new experience of game.

  10. wq says:

    awesome looking! can’t wait to try it ~ lol

  11. 雨翔 says:

    实在是太棒了 very good!

  12. Yong says:

    Awesome hack!

  13. Robin says:


  14. Wally says:

    This is probably the doppest thing ever since the beastie boys. I HELLA can’t wait for the beta!!

  15. Aaron says:

    I cant wait for BETA software. Ive been checking the site everyday since I saw the demo. Any chance you guys have come up with a rough release date yet?

  16. Ronaldo says:

    When to download BETA CamSpace?
    I need for now!!

  17. Berlioz says:

    in love with you, really! ^^ (not gay)

  18. Justin says:

    This is an INCREDIBLE application you’ve made. I’m wondering, will there be a way to simulate mouse-clicks? If so, this has the potential to be a low-cost replacement to wireless tablet devices.

  19. Eli Gao says:

    So Great!

  20. Max Demon says:

    I Love This Software , i even purchased 2 Webcams and can’t wait for beta .hopefully it might be open source . there are many creative minds that can further help in making this software more powerful . the best in game experience is here .

    it Pwns Wii

    Cant wait for beta , really , i check my mails 20 times aday finding the mail which says beta of camtrax released . i m so excited i just really cant wait . what will be the future . maybe more innovative ways of controlling .

    not only it can be used in games but as well as many apps . like firefox . many web 3.0 apps will be supporting webcam and controlling their apps with webcam .

    i m really excited , more than the release of iPhone 2.0

  21. Polak says:

    i wanted to ask when i can download it i think this software is great i cant wait :D i am waiting for answer

  22. alex says:

    i like it!!!

  23. Max Demon says:

    i love this software

  24. Tanner says:

    I’m really excited by this software ! Nintendo Wii will be obsolete.

  25. Zong Ming says:


  26. Will says:

    i don’t know if you’ve already included a mouse-like bit to this, but if not could you do so? this looks very promising, but have a look at if you could integrate something like this which could be used outside of games too that would be great!

    Well done, and please hurry up with the beta!

  27. Aaron Chan says:

    中国人!! Let’s wait for this.

  28. Thom says:

    This is amazing! Hurry hurry with the release. I promise to testdrive and bughunt a lot.

  29. propen says:

    10 days after last note in the blog, when will you release the beta? When will be this “soon”? :> I can’t wait for that! :)

  30. Maciej says:

    Hi, This software is great. We are waiting for a beta of a product.

    Best regards from Poland

  31. cigraphics says:

    Wow that’s amazing I can’t wait for it :D . I signed up for the Beta Test :D

    Great JOB!!!

  32. mike says:

    how do i get a hold of you?

    what is your company’s mail

  33. rako says:

    Great app, amazing…

    greetings from Spain

  34. GAStome says:

    Hmm, 1 question – EyeToy=webcam?

  35. Powlux says:

    So great! I signed up for beat test! “Bonjour” de Paris :)

  36. Peter says:

    I’m amazed, nice work guys! =) Greetings from Sweden

  37. Adir says:

    I’ve got program, alot of bugs, my webcam sucks(8 fps) but it looks great :)

  38. Mark says:

    Great to hear about the linux version on the horizon! You know, if you released the source, you could get people to do it for you for free, but I understand if you don’t want to.

  39. Anders says:

    Web cam producers must love you ! I’ll be one of a million people who will go buy a new webcam – It looks so fun and NiCe ! :-D

  40. jim says:

    Good work! Mac version please!

  41. Computer freak says:

    the software is damned cool!!! seriously it is. I’m wondering when will it be available to download for trial. I’m so excited about it.

  42. pettman says:

    This is cool stuff. I hope the Linux-version will be out soon so I can try it out with my new laptop (which got a built-in web-cam).

    @Mark: A dual-license might be a solution, i.e. the GNU GPL (so any free software project can use it) and some commercial software license for companies who wish to integrate it into their products.

  43. Harald Hoyer says:

    Make it Free Open Source Software and the development of it will be much faster than you can imagine, and your names will shine forever.

  44. I will LOVE YOU ALL when I get this. ^_^

    This looks so freaking amazing. o/

  45. Lien says:

    That’s realy worthy to be expected! I’ve been waiting for coulp of weeks, still looking forward to the public version to download.

  46. BFB says:

    Yes !
    It’s like a dream ! This looks awesome. I can’t belive it will be free :)
    Maybe, thanks to you, I’ll could play computer with my girlfriend ;)
    Looking foward for a realise, you rocks guys !
    (I’m frensh so excuse my english)

  47. Nathanael says:

    pwnage!! I get into open beta without even knowing this is a forever free product, and now i find out that ya’ll are as generous as you are awesome! You people have changed gaming forever~!

  48. Kenny says:

    Hi, Just signed up for beta, keeping fingers crossed! just wanted to say that i think this has so much potential, what a brilliant dream has become reality!!

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