CamSpace Beta 1 Released

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Published on: June 16, 2008
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Last Sunday night, CamSpace was released to a small, select group of Beta testers.

We are working hard at perfecting the platform for a larger release (a few thousands) in the next two weeks.

Stay tuned for more updates.

The CamSpace Team

  1. matthew says:

    sounds nice guys, keep up the good work.

  2. Dan_Peixoto says:

    Can’t wait to have this installed on my PC!

    Keep up the great work!

  3. David says:

    You guys have done something really amazing! I can’t wait to see this in action.

    Would love to take part in a beta, and learn more about how you’ve accomplished it.

  4. Djdat says:

    Looks amazing! How much cpu power does it take up though? and ram? I mean, four things at once in real-time sounds pretty intensive to me…

  5. Kary says:

    Wow! – Do you see any problems using your software within VMware workstation?

  6. Alexis says:

    I have RSI and I’m very interested in using this to clickheal in world of warcraft. Mail me if you’d like that explained :)

    BTW you could perhaps earn a bit selling brightly coloured rubber thimbles?

  7. soren says:

    Can’t wait to try this with my media center PC! Bye bye crappy remote and keyboard!

  8. gaggle says:

    Please, please!, make sure you patent as much as this as possible. Don’t get screwed by Sony somehow moving in and making all your work legally theirs.

  9. Sean says:

    Seriously. Patent this ASAP. If you need the money for a patent lawyer, start a PayPal donation fund now so we can chip in. I pledge $10 .

  10. Tanner says:

    Great, great, great !
    I wait for this revolution !

  11. zlemur says:

    Woot! Glad to see it’s moving along! Keep it up!

  12. Simon says:

    wow, really fantastic .. if I had $200k i would invest today man :) good luck!!

  13. Carl Fowler says:

    This bit of kit will revolutionise the way people interact with there PC’s. Has many benifits for people who have difficulties in using a PC.
    Would love to be a Beta tester.

    Nice one, keep up the good work!

  14. Adir says:

    I’ve got lucky and installed it on my PC :)
    really great, a little bit confusing settings…

  15. kiccop says:

    I’ve no words….. just fantastic!!
    Very compliments!!!!

  16. Fran says:

    Let me know if you want some developer. I’m glad to help you guys. Nice work. I can help on linux platform.

    You guys are thinking to open the source?



  17. Alan says:

    This is awesome. I am glad you have released a beta test already. How do I sign up? Also, like one of the guys above, I pledge $10 to your patenting. Heck, I pledge $100.00 to your stock should you issue any.


  18. tulcod says:

    fans of this project, get on irc:

  19. zmjjmz says:

    Dumb question maybe, but here are two things I’d like to know:
    A) What are the minimum system requirements (besides a webcam, like RAM and CPU)
    B) Can it control a mouse or some such?
    Just imagine the possibilities with Compiz if so…

  20. DouG says:

    Looks good. I’ve been following Bumptop through their deveopment and was wondering about free alternatives to touch screen capabilities. Touchlib is a similar idea although your “Camspace” seems a little less ropey. Good work – maybe you should speak with the Bumptop guys if you havent already and maybe make 2 good inovations become one great inovation.

  21. DouG says:

    oops. innovations*. and i call myself a geek. im so ashamed in myself :P … I look forward to more info on camspace.

  22. En3rgy says:

    Hello :]
    Wow it is really happy that the first version released.
    i’m so sorry but i wasn’t in the list of the SOS meet, but i really really want this application.
    i couldn’t come to the meet and i wanted :(
    please make me happy and i’ll thank you.


  23. I would love to test this. I play games all the time, so I think that could help. ^_^

    <3 the work guys!

  24. Stefan Kluth says:

    this looks really promising! There could be interesting scientific applications, in the field I know the control of large particle physics experiments could profit from this technology.

    OTOH, there is dual use for this technology, if you imagine the webcam viewing a scene, your sw would lock in on a target and the PC could remote control a weapon. Hm.

  25. Alpha130 says:

    Vivement que sa sorte !!!

  26. GR0B says:

    Is there a next round of betas coming soon. I like most people that don’t have the beta would like a copy. keep up the amazing work.

  27. ChenMeili says:

    Wow, what an amazing accomplishment! I agree with StefanKluth, this technology has a multitude of applications beyond the limited scope of gaming (thought that’s great as well). I really hope you’ll get this patented as soon as possible. Open Source is a wonderful trend, but somehow I can’t see the big companies going along with it – so why should you give your work away for nothing? Think about it.

  28. ecgta3 says:


  29. seati says:

    that project sounds awsome!!!

  30. coschi says:

    Genius Project!!! nice guys, i want see this technology integrated with 3d modelig software (Blender, K3d) and painting software:)

    Ragazzi siete GENIALI!!!

    good luck!

  31. Guillaume says:

    I can’t wait to test the beta version… That could be fun to adapt it to a molecular viewer if ou make it open-source because I am also a fan of modelling chemistry!
    Good luck with to CamSpace adventure.

  32. cigraphics says:

    I can’t wait for this app ! :D This one Rulz.

  33. bastijn says:

    Nice piece of work here. I used a camera approach to create a multi-touch table. Using anything as input is cool. This is even better. Since it is in the scope of my study i’ll hook this to my favorites and follow this closely from now in. One of the most promising things this year :) . Keep up the good work.

  34. wojic says:

    great job guys. i think it’s really something many people are waiting for. and it would be amazing to help you guys improve it. keep up the good work.

  35. little says:

    that sounds interesting!

  36. willher says:

    Wow is amazing !!!!!!!!!!! Alucinante!!!

  37. 123 says:

    er…It’s amazing.I like it.

  38. ecgta3 says:


  39. pasce says:

    need to be a developer to be a beta-tester?

  40. Paul says:

    I’ll believe it when i see it, things like this have a reliable habit of never materialising. The mere fact that its Beta is only available to a private circle speaks volumes. Hype noise to attract investors anyone?

  41. pasce says:

    @ Paul
    the fact that the beta is only for a few people is maybe caused by the fact that the developer want constructive tips which support the developing?

    (excuse my english^^)

  42. pasce says:

    oh i forgot something^^
    and those they can only get from experienced users. so why should they make the beta free for all?

  43. Patricio says:

    muy bueno

  44. ecgta3 says:


  45. mcgamer says:

    According to the notices “within the next 2 weeks”. That means sometime between the 16th and the first of July. Somewhere else it was stated the will open up to the general public “in extreme early July” So don’t freak, it’s coming!

  46. yitiantian says:

    It’s like a dream .Go ahead! You will be remembered by history.It will be a revolution of man-machine conversation.

  47. Bill says:

    This is just amazing!!!!!, you´re doing a wonderful work. would love to help you in whatever you need.

  48. Ben says:

    I am dying to use it!
    When will it open to public?

  49. Max Demon says:

    At which time ? it will be released , i will myself beat the firefox world record . tell me the time . mail me do anything …. i m dying to play ….. i even purchased the webcam and and … many things …. just excited

  50. Anton says:

    This thing has a huge potential, and I’m very happy being one of the lucky ones.
    Keep it up!

  51. Timbis says:

    es asombroso… muy buen trabajo chicos!!!!

  52. Raj says:

    I would have been very happy, if had got the chance to test this BETA release , anyways best of luck to other testers and enjoy PLAYING and TESTING. :)

  53. Vincenzo says:

    veramente un programma fantastico, spero di riuscire ad essere uno dei tanti che lo useranno. SIETE FANTASTICI!!!

  54. mcgamer says:

    Wow, every day is another day of pain, I am beginning to freak out! I REALLY want my invintation!

  55. woyaoyingle says:

    I knew this software from looking the movie,I were shocked.It’s so amazing! Using anything as input is so cool!

    I have been paying close attention to the software Since this website was born.I really want to be a lucky person who can got your invitation!

    Best wishes!

  56. Timbis says:

    Increíble… puedo controlar el cursor en el entorno de vista, funciona perfectamente… se espera con ansias la version para gnu/linux…

  57. ecgta3 says:


  58. masu2000 says:

    wow, this looks promising :)

  59. Relys says:

    I just got my beta copy. Thanks guys, I’m very impressed with the program so far.

  60. yingle says:

    HELLO,I want to get your invitation very much.It’s so good!

  61. Jhon says:

    OMG!!! I got it… I don’t believe it!!!
    this is soooo coool!!!
    thanks guys!

  62. Vincenzo says:

    why i can’t download the program!? I WANT IT!!!! WHERE IS IT?????? mail me: thanks!!!!

  63. Vincenzo says:

    I want beta copy….pleaseeeeeee…

  64. Sergej says:

    Oh my god! I got it!!! Thank you guys!
    My serial key is on the way.. Woohooo!!!
    Thanx again!

  65. Toto,S says:

    I also want to have!

  66. Potofeu says:

    Hello guys ! I have only one word to say : this is uncredible !
    More seriously , one of my best friend I’m working with just got the beta of your program and he show me your work . I really would like to participate to your project too !

  67. mcgamer says:

    Really? Everyone is recieving an invintation? Where is my invite? I want to take part also!

  68. Selphyroth says:

    Is it possible to have a copy of your program ? Will every beta-tester get one ?

  69. Andre says:

    I’d like to join the list of people asking for an invite! Hopefully, I’ll get into the list of those that actually got an invite soon. :-)

  70. aintecs says:

    This project is incredible, want to test it for a lot game and discuss about it, but i have not receive beta till there (subscribe for about 15 days), it’s so long, please…..

  71. Karolis says:

    When will be Beta Test again, and we will be able to download this program?

  72. Humberto says:


    I just received a beta invitation, thanks! I will try it later at home. But I also want to know: there is a gnu/linux version of camspace ?


  73. Peter says:

    Eagerly waiting for a mac version of this app. Hopefully I will see it in the future! Has anyone tried to use this on a windows running on macbook?

  74. spiderwebby says:

    i guess hardware fingerprint registration thing isn’t automated :(

    cant wait to have a go at this!

  75. Tobias says:

    I just tested the beta on my Asus EEE 701 – it works perfectly. This has got to be one of the coolest tools for the EEE out there. I can’t wait to make all sorts of interactive stuff with CamSpace. Thanks!

  76. RobotX says:

    So thank!

  77. RobotX says:

    Oh, I downloaded CAMSPACE and sign SERIAL-KEY in firts time!
    Thank much@Team
    …But i must buy CAMERA New and more Pixel!

  78. mcgamer says:

    FAQs added, eh? Would be helpful if we had the program to use them… Oh well, a nice addition! Still very excited! Cant wait to get my hands on this thing, (even if I have been on the beta list for months and still await my invite)

  79. Kliker says:

    OK – I’ve already tested it with my camera and with webcam – Don’t anyone bother to use it with crappy quality webcam – It’s too sensitive to color.

    Very nice app but as I said before – Use it only if you’ve got fast and high quality camera or at least high quality webcam

  80. ecgta3 says:

    I WANNA COPY!!!!!!!!

  81. :( says:

    i want this tool !!! :( :(:(

  82. cozmy says:

    i want it ….!!!! please make me happy

  83. minevr says:

    Yesterday, I see a test version of Camspace download, download the excitement of it, after the installation tips to the serial number, so let me a sad. I can give you the serial number?

  84. Selphyroth says:

    Is it possible for me to have an invitation please ? I can’t wait playing Oblivion with your program !

  85. Toto,S says:

    I would be glad very much about an invitation!!! To benefit a notebook HP with integrated Webcam. Greeting Toto.S

  86. Andre says:

    Indeed, it’s available online. I installed it here and the program installs an unsigned driver for joystick emulation support. Perhaps that’s why Vista users may not be invited. If that’s the case with me, know that I also have XP SP3. :-)

  87. wq says:

    WOW~~ i received the invitation today~

    waiting for the serial key …

    good day! lol~

  88. mcgamer says:

    Vista users aren’t getting invites, that may explain why I don’t have it yet. Well that’s mean. You can still download the program, you just need to wait for an invite to use it. I have it on my desktop, just waiting to be used…SO HURRY UP AND GIVE VISTA SOME LOVE!

  89. lizardboi says:

    Guys this is such a a great tool! I installed on a borrowed laptop with a built in webcam, its running smooth, its great to play with. I had 1 n a half hour only for it, but i allready modified the default emulation to use with inkscape.. :) such a great and innovative thing. I plan an art project with it soon! Thanks a lot!

  90. ecgta3 says:

    where do you download it at?

  91. minevr says:

    I use the win xp sp3 system, why have not been invited to do?watching installed camspace, is anxious to use it. Could have been invited from the serial number of friends to share it?who are willing to share me Use, thank you.

  92. Baptiste says:

    I have not received any invitation :’(

  93. cozmy says:

    please give me a invitation !!!!!!!!!!! the best program ever !!!!!!!!!!

  94. ^_^Hello-World^_^ says:

    Please signup in website and wait for email invitation! wery soon! :D

  95. Wrestler#1 says:

    Why don’t you just release a public beta? I’d really love to try this out right now.

  96. mcgamer says:


    We have, is it me or is just a handful of people being selected instead of just a single person.

  97. Scott says:

    Wow thank you for the invite guys!
    This works great with Vista!
    The app is easy enough to set up with reading any manuals or anything, you just have to play around with the settings for a while and you’re bound to get it!

    I’ve played around in game with guild wars and so far have managed to get my character to run around quite easily.(i used an old phone works well because the two ends are kinda like handles) The few problems that I encountered in the beginning was getting the light to be bright enough for the app to target. Protip set your background compensation and brightness to max.

    My next step is to see how I can go about casting spells. I saw you guys moving the mouse around with your fingers. I think im going to try that first.

    Once again thanks for the awesome app, its really going to help when the whole world goes touchscreen crazy!

  98. Scott says:

    oh hey look, a wiki!

  99. minevr says:

    It difficult to get an invitation

  100. Nexor says:

    Hello guys! This looks very exciting. I have subscribed and signed up. So I am just waiting for a key to come to me when I type in my Hardware-Fingerprint and my

    I would really love an invatiation. The first thing I would do is trying out your applications and then I’m going to try out the games on my computer.

    And then, If it isn’t very very hard to make your own application, I’m going to make one probably. And of course, I would love to send it to

    Thanks. I really hope I get a key soon.

  101. mcgamer says:


  102. Nexor says:

    Wow, MCgamer. I just saw that we both had moonfruit for our websites.

  103. Sergej says:

    This is not fair! I was invited, downloaded and installed the software (Beta V2)… but it doesn’t start! It has problems adding new Lua libraries… Hmm well, bug submitted, waiting for the next release.

  104. minevr says:

    Who shared with me a serial number ah

  105. cozmy says:

    I most have a invitation !!!! please give me one!! i dont’s speak english very well so……:)):)):):)

  106. chinapysz says:


    How do you do!I’m a friend from China.After see the video.I’m shaked!The software is so amazing!And I like it very much.I want to receive your invitation.Thanks!

  107. CJay says:

    Oh god, i’m checking my eMails every 30 Minutes, just to look if I got the invite. :P
    I’m so exited.. :D
    I’d love to play around with the API in Delphi.
    The possibilities!

  108. Wrestler#1 says:

    Hell, still no invitation! You can’t imagine how many times I’ve already pressed F5 :)

    Seriously: I’d really love to play around with it rightnow.
    What about the releasedate? It is already July there is still no public release…

    PC specs: Vista Ultimate 64 bit
    crappy CPU 1.9 ghz x2
    GPU: GeForce 8800 GTX
    3gigs of RAM

  109. Baptiste says:

    Give mee invitation !!! thank’s :)

  110. Wrestler#1 says:

    I want one, too, please! PLEASE!

  111. mcgamer says:

    Lol, moonfruit is my fav website creator on the internet, antway I agree with all of you, for being signed up sicne March I think I should have got an invintation by NOW. Seriously… Oh well, one day at a time!

  112. Tanner says:

    I would like to be invited… I’m so excited by this software !

  113. ecgta3 says:

    so does it work on vista or not?

  114. Karolis says:

    Thank you for invitation! Thank you very much! I was sooo excited when I saw your e-mail in my mail box. I am very happy to test CamSpace!

  115. 340215401 says:

    hello!I’m a Chinese.The program is very cool!
    I want join this
    I need an Enter key
    Thank you!!!

  116. titas says:

    It’s great !! I would like test this beta ! And ,there are good/ big programer !!
    . I really hope I get a key soon.
    …:: Thank you ::…

  117. carlos ventura says:

    me podrian dar en serial de CamSpace

  118. Hey! Great stuff. +1 tnks :) Visit my blog too.

  119. quoted on FinalDog says:

    Camspace – Wii without the Wii…

    I can’t always post about creativity, illustration and design. Sometimes you’ve just got to hit some random links and Camspace is neat enough to be my first off-topic post. It’s essentially a Nintendo Wii without the Wii… just a…

  120. quoted on CamSpace | la ciudadela says:

    [...]  Prometedor, ¿eh?, esperamos ansiosos a la beta pública. [...]

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