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CamSpace Beta 3 – up and running

by admin
Published on: July 7, 2008
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Hello again –

After a long and exhausting battle with a quite unforgiving bug, we are finally cleared and ready to continue preparing CamSpace for the general public.

We have sent invitations to all eligible beta requests.

If you have not received an invitation, and would like to, please sign up here. Eligible beta candidates will receive an invitation as soon as possible!

For the list of recent changes, see our Change Log.

Remember – we want to hear your feedback! Please send it to

We would also like to extend our thanks to the many beta testers who helped us discover and finally track down this last stability bug.

  1. Ezequiel says:

    Hi, i ve got a few things to say:
    - the account doesnt exist!
    - I enter all the info requiered in the “Get Serial Key” page…and i never get the email!
    Thanks, i will stay in contact!

  2. Ezequiel says:

    I few seconds before i recibed the email. :D
    Feedback soon!

  3. kelthalas says:

    Thanks from France !

  4. farek says:

    oh un francais

  5. Kindergarten Killer says:

    i got my beta test mail now! :D

    but the mail confirmation is taking long to arrive, so far long 10 minutes waiting for the confirmation…

    great job!

  6. mcgamer says:

    I got it!!! WOOOOO!

  7. minevr says:

    Dear brothers, I have come. I think we all have a test sequence, it «I was trying to how to use it. Camspace feel I have the charm of the control googleearth. Very good

  8. Sumanth says:

    I signed up a long time ago but still haven’t gotten my email yet..

  9. Anon says:

    You guys gonna kill Wii. Congrats!!! Maybe Nintendo claim you to join and “forget” about the project :-D

  10. cozmy says:

    i most have a invitation :( :(…

  11. cozmy says:

    I have one !!!!!!!! thanks whooohoooo

  12. cozmy says:

    i have a problem :( when i try to run the program it show me a error.this error “Error while unpacking program,code LP5.Please report to author.” please help me…:(:(:(

  13. Jan says:

    I need it so badly! I already set up the lcd projector!! Must have it :P

    Please invite me as well :(

  14. sylvain says:

    It’s great !! I would like test this beta but i haven’t receive this mail and the account doesnt exist!
    …:: Thank you ::…

  15. lizardboi says:

    Guys, i will write some feedback tomorrow, i was trying the software all saturday. It has a lot of potential :) Thanks!
    …i gonna download camspace3 now :)

    ps the name camtrax is just so more badass than camspace :P

  16. Steve says:

    Err, I signed up for the beta some time ago. Have yet to receive invitation. Is it limited to a select few, or what? I simply cannot wait to try this out.
    Thank you guys for tirelessly working on what is sure to be a wonderful(ly free!) product.

  17. Ken says:

    Got An Invite thanks alot guys just waiting on key now thanks again

  18. Raphael says:

    Very Good! But how do I use sliders and buttons? Klick on it with my mouse or what?

  19. Michal Broniek says:

    Hey guys! I’m loving this program! I’m wondering, though, if you could upload a much more detailed explanation on authoring emulations?

    Also could you release that emulation you were using to play Unreal Tournament? Thanks!

  20. hugefrog says:

    I got the invite. I am so excited. Waiting for the key. Thanks

  21. Minevr says:

    My Test Video!
    CamSpace Beta3 domestic first test video (China)

  22. Grave D. says:

    Hi, guys!
    How I can receive CamSpace Beta 3 software?

    ps: excuse me for my English! :)

  23. Fulgidus says:

    Thanks from Italy

  24. ALAN says:

    Got It, THANKS!!!!!!!

  25. vinceo says:

    kelthalas et Farek, voici un français de plus maintenant lol!
    Et un Re big Thanks from the South of the France.

  26. mcgamer says:

    yes, I would enjoy more emulation authoring info. I want to know how to attach wav files to buttons. Also I EXTREMELY want the bell program. I really want to play the xylophone using Camspace!

  27. Raj says:

    I want to know that may i install this app on multiple system by using same key , or do i need different key for different system any ideas?

    or in short is this key reusable on different systems.

  28. franck says:

    I’m french (excuse me for my bad english…)
    I’m very happy
    It’s great, marvellous, fabulous…


  29. Steele says:

    Hi, I tried the program today and it works very very well.

    Just two ideas:

    1. It would be better if it’s possible to adjust the sensitivity of the objects, so that let’s say I lock it onto a red object, it won’t be attracted to similiar colours like orange. Because sometimes red are turning into my skin colour, (tanned) and light blue are turning into the white wall

    2. It would be also very nice if it’s possible to make it possible to move the mouse with the other two axis (closer/farther and rotate)

  30. Grave D. says:

    Got It, THANKS!

  31. ryan y says:

    may I have an invitation? please.

  32. Rushabh says:

    I have sign up from last 5 days but i havent got the invitation plz send me invitation….

  33. iuri says:

    Please i really want a password to test the beta pleaaaaaasw!!!!

  34. Joe says:

    Thank you for beta! This is very fun and creative. It reminds me of the movie MR. Im still getting used to it and having lots of fun trying.

  35. luis de venezuela says:

    hola no voy ha hablar en ingles por que soy de Venezuela y hablo castellano aunque tambien se ingles pero es mas facil para mi en este idioma expresar mi problema ya me suscribi pero todavia no me han enviado el mensaje por favor mandenme el mensaje para poder obtener la clave de mi beta gracias

  36. DJ says:

    = O i want a invite = P if u guys gonna sell it how much r u gonna sell cuz i really want to play it event buy it = D

  37. sergio says:

    i need the confirmation mail please, i have yhe program installed now, please send me my confirmation mail!!!!!

  38. matias says:

    I feel so empty and sad, because i still don’t have the confirmation… :( …. but don’t lose the hope… thanks to you for make this soft, we salute you from argentina… i wait you…

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