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Your first CamSpace experiences

by admin
Published on: July 8, 2008
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From all over the world, people have been experimenting with CamSpace! Some of them took it a step further, and shared their videos:

Videos after the jump…

We want to see you people create crazy applications and emulations! Show us what you’ve got!!!

  1. mcgamer says:

    I will try! My full video review of CamSpace is coming in around 2 weeks.

  2. Originalas says: first impressions + short video.

    Solitaire works just fine, :) but i couldn’t play any FPS, cuz the controls was too sensitive. I tried to lower program and game sensitivity settings, but that didn’t help a lot.

  3. DiDaenskePyndt says:

    Open beta now please, i want to try this out so bad i can’t sit still :D

  4. Bill says:

    Awesome!!, I´ll send my videos as soon as I complete my aplications, thanks for leave be a beta user!! =)

  5. Steve says:

    Oh, woe is we who have not the beta! Woe, woe indeed.

  6. ^_^Hello-World^_^ says:

    share video camspace with games…ok

  7. minevr says:

    Yeah! Second video is me and my wife recorded. Very glad to see it here.
    I also will not be custom CamSpace control, have more detailed documents for research study ? I want racing game!

  8. minevr says:

    Finally understood some, it can customize the settings.
    Can play a racing game. Can in my own browser in a virtual scene. But a too sensitive. Scaled to the slowest speed, still very soon.
    Z Axis less sensitive sensors. Z Axis can set the sensitivity of this ?

  9. aintemp says:

    i have problems with sensitivity specially with up and down
    And for google earth it doesn’t working for me
    It’s not easy to find the best objects for locking, it seems working good with bright objects …

    Great program!

  10. minevr says:

    new video:
    CamSpace – Need For Speed ProStreet

  11. MishaTW says:

    Big thx to CamSpace team! U good! perfect ideia and work!
    new video here
    availible in high quality

  12. sylvain says:

    I win at freecel with camspace . It’s fabulous, great.

  13. MishaTW says:

    “Problems” with sensetivity easily solved, because when you use different-sized objects just need to calibrat in emulation perfenses

  14. minevr says:

    @Misha TW:
    Test video cool! Rubber Band with the approach is pretty good.

  15. P4INKiller says:

    I made a simple emulator for first person shooters.

  16. Raphael says:

    Tested with Logitech Quickcam sphere!
    Works fine!

  17. cigraphics says:

    I had a problem first i tested with a Mustek cam ( i know it sucks ) then i tried with a Creative cam but it didn’t recognised it :| i unistalled CamSpace and reinstalled but the same problem i had to reinstall windows to make it work

  18. cigraphics says:

    now it works great

  19. mcgamer says:

    Yea, I also have a Google Earth dud. It just doesn’t work. And my main form of objects that I use are sticks with balls of Play-Doh on top. It works great!

  20. Flo says:

    Hi all,

    can someone make a little explanation to the settings for each input device on the Emulation Authoring? This would be great. Thx alot.

  21. 56Killer says:

    Here is my video of me playing assassin’s creed with camspace.I will upload more videos when I make better controls.I know the video isn’t the best quality but its something.

  22. Alex B says:

    this is fun i just been using it as my mouse

    well is abit late for me 23:36 ima see how it is gameing :)

  23. Nferno says:


    Got into the Beta yesterday and have been messing around with it a bit. I’m working on creating an emulation to be able to use Camspace for World of Warcraft, will upload videos when I get it up and running.

    Great program and really good functionality.

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