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CamSpace Open Beta – Coming Soon!

by admin
Published on: July 10, 2008
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At the moment, CamSpace Beta 3 is being actively tested by more than 4,000 users. Some daring users have uploaded videos to YouTube, and written about their experiences on various blogs (you can see a small sample on the User-Generated Content page).

That said, we are now directing our efforts towards making the Emulation Authoring and Object Locking processes clearer and easier to understand. This includes documentation and in-program explanations, not to mention streamlining the interfaces involved.

Meanwhile, we invite you to join our forums (! We are looking for Moderators: if anyone is interested, please contact

  1. Minevr says:

    Good News.

  2. Vjass says:

    I can’t waiting for it!
    So nice!

  3. kellthuzad says:

    La verdad me parece un exelente programa…

  4. BlackDraco says:

    lol, que hace el-azote aca xD

  5. Rod says:

    Great App !!!

    A Mac version please !!!

  6. JM says:

    When they say “coming soon”, how soon is that? Does anyone know? It looks like an amazing program and I cant wait to give it a shot!

  7. Jasio says:

    I got beta version and…
    i need to buy new webcam;)
    crapy laptop webcam is not enough…
    but app is amazing ;)

  8. qcinski says:

    I hope you will do something with support for Creative Live!Cam Notebook (VF0470). It doesn’t work in present beta.

  9. ComodoFox says:

    God damnit, so fast! It was first mentioned in June and it became that popular… I wouldn’t wonder if the open beta could get released within the next days… really exciting :D

  10. toomy says:

    Got the beta3. It is fantastic. I am ordering a new web camera.

  11. guitarguy says:

    When does it come for everybody, my friend is a beta tester and i cant wait to get it

  12. Dinofan137 says:

    The Open Beta is in the next days ! I’m really impatient !

  13. DrogenViech says:

    God damnit, finish it already! :D
    I want to play :(

  14. Fr0styan says:

    I wanna see a new entry in this Blog :> rofl :) ))

  15. gamedemon says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! im going to go insane if i cant play this soon

  16. Cyloo says:

    Hello from France.
    Got the beta4, amazing!!!
    But I need to change my webcam, it’s an old Philips and colors are not good …
    Thanks for the great job !!!

  17. Ali says:

    Good work on this, it looks great, and it would be even better if i could use it and create my own applications.

    Can you please give us an update? I’ve checked both this blog and my mail every day, and you haven’t said whether the private beta is over, or when the public one will begin. A little notice might be good :) .

    Anyway, thanks for making this tool, i look forward to using it :) .

  18. ComodoFox says:

    I agree with Ali, I check my mailbox every day and I’m waiting for responses. We need some signals, something that makes us happy. Even if it’s just a video, we would like to have anything. The best thing would be, of course, a beta, but it’s up to you! :D

  19. VincentZ says:

    Great job!!! I got the invitation while i found the link unvailable to download BETA 4. Now i just keep the old version (beta3) without further testing, so would u pls chk the link , dear Web Admin ? :)

  20. VincentZ says:

    Thx for ur prompt reply. Beta4 makes my life better now~`lol ^^

  21. Fr0styan says:

    :) )))))) i’ve got the invitation for beta life is better to now XD rofl >.<

  22. ComodoFox says:

    I didn’t get an invitation yet :(

    Are there any banners for this page? I would like to put ones on my blog :D

  23. Steve says:

    C’monc’monc’monc’mon, I wanna play with it already! If it’s going to be freely distributed, what’s the problem with an open beta now? Are you afraid that you’ll scare off your userbase with an unfinished product? With technology this exciting, you’d have to make it a completely illegible mess of a program to scare us rabid fanboys off!

  24. netcer says:

    I have received an invatation email,thank u very much,but I can not download the software,why?wrong url?

  25. PIPO says:

    Hi this program is great!I haven’t yet the license key,but i’ll waiting the open version?Can You tell me how soon can we download the open version?I was signed up,but i haven’t resieve the download link or hardware key.
    Thank you for this program!

  26. Harro says:

    What’s the problem, 1 month and nothing please send me an invitation.
    Or it’s because I send to the wrong address??
    Where I have to send to receive an invitation??

    Thank(sorry for my english,I speek frensh)

  27. Fr0styan says:


  28. Harro says:

    BUT I not receive any invitation, when I launch the programm I need to put a key .
    Please I wan’t to try

  29. fran says:

    when a open beta for everybodys??? (Im spanish<)

  30. luis says:

    Please, i’ve waiting for abouth a lot of months, but i never got the invitation, please send me the invitation, i’m wainting and checking everyday my email inbox
    (i’m spanish,sorry fot the writting)

  31. charlie says:

    I’ve never owned a webcam and I bought one specifically for this. I’m rather disappointed that I haven’t received an invitation

  32. Pr0no0b says:

    I can’t wait for this!
    Still didn’t get an invitation D:

  33. charlie says:

    YAY!!! I finally received my invitation today and I am ecstatic!

    Thank you CamSpace :D :D

  34. Juliano Ventura says:

    Sou brasileiro e estou aguardando ansiosamente para testar esse programa, pelos vídeos, me pareceu algo revolucionário mesmo! por favor, me mandem logo o convite… (I´m brazillian and i´m waiting ansiously to test this software, by the videos, it looks a revolutionary program! please, send me the invitation…)

  35. Kiril says:

    This program is Fantastic. Thank you so much CamSpace Team!

  36. Gil says:

    How much the final product will cost?

  37. Moose says:

    “We have decided to release only free versions of the product. We will never charge users for the software.”


  38. Geordi says:

    I join the Beta (the current Beta). Does it cost something?

  39. crazy-asian says:

    @ geordi: look at post #39

  40. Geordi says:

    This News made my day :-)
    I’m looking forward to the final :-)

  41. Wamasa says:

    Omg, when the Open Beta will come?

    I’ll waiting for this, it will rock! :D

  42. Fr0styan says:

    31 July!!! :) ))

  43. Steve says:

    I neeeeeds me some webcam-y goodness! I neeeeeeds it!

  44. Jp says:

    can’t wait jejeje checkin’ this site everyday

    and congrats for the development team!

  45. Losman says:

    This is a hoax get real..way past july and no release. Obviously they pulled one over on us. No site updates either. And everytime I add a remark it never gets published.

  46. JASON says:

    please send me invite please = (

  47. igo sousa de moura says:

    amei,voçes sao very good!!!

  48. igo sousa de moura says:

    I´m brazillian and i´m waiting ansiously to test this software, by the videos, it looks a revolutionary program! please, send me the invitation…)

  49. [T]aNo says:

    HI ALL!, I view videos of this progam…is amazing!, so I registered for beta, but mail never come :( . Well…I must wait for beta mail or for the OPEN BETA :) . THANK YOU!
    HOLA A TODOS!, vi videos de este programa, es asombroso!, por eso pe registré para la versión beta, pero el mail nunca me llego :( . Bueno, tendré que esperar por el mail de la beta o esperar que salga la OPEN BETA :) . GRACIAS!

  50. quoted on Patric Schmid's Blog says:

    CamSpace Tracking Software – eine Alternative zum WiiMote Controller?…

    Die innovative Welle der alternativen Eingabegeräte hat erst begonnen. Neben dem WiiMote Controller von Nintendo finde ich dieses kleine Tool hier extrem interessant: CamSpace
    Es verbindet jede beliebige Webcam mit einem beliebigen Gegenstand zu ein…

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