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Men at Work

by admin
Published on: August 5, 2008
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The CamSpace team has been working ’round the clock to bring you the next beta version!

Beta 7 is going to be a significant upgrade, with many new features and bugfixes. Ease-of-use, emulation-creation workflow, and integration with a central emulation repository have been our top priorities. We will release Beta 7 as an Open Version without the need for a registration key.

For obvious reasons, CamSpace Beta 7 will not be released in July. Please stay tuned – the release is not far away. We are aware that many registration keys have expired. You are welcome to visit the Serial Request page, to renew your license key.

We apologize for the delay, but trust us – it will be well worth the wait.

The CamSpace Team

  1. Vjass says:

    Sofa!Good News!
    I will wait for it.Thank you.

  2. Fr0styan says:

    Sweet news!!!!!!

  3. En3rgy says:

    Good new :)
    Now i’m waiting for the next version.
    good job.

  4. Steve says:

    Ha HA! I somehow got ahold of the game and a key without ever having received a beta invite! Victory is mine!

  5. Kuroki Kaze says:

    Gimme beta invitation, pleeeeeease :) :) :) I really want to try it out.

  6. I am a beta tester and this thing ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Only thing is my web cam sucks!!!! ;)

  7. cg88 says:


  8. cg88 says:

    I also want to test version of the invitation! Several have not made a reply to my ah!

  9. spanker says:

    Hello. will be my first test with the version 7. VERY GOOD!

  10. Liu says:

    i am very interest in this software
    i hope you team can publish a good beta
    and i hope you can make it free when the complete version done.

  11. notsohappy says:

    i’m a developper , want to try camspace beta but still not received a key , (same for a friend of mine), software seems protected with “hardware footprint key” so I cannot test it…. sure its the same for a lot of people…

  12. Bartemis says:

    Yeah, they should have an automatic key-sender.
    I really want to try this software

  13. jiangchen says:

    Hardware fingerprint: 2D23-DC6A

    I want to try camspace beta but still not received a key . please give me a key.

  14. [T]aNo says:

    Hi, good news! :D …well, I register for Beta Tester but the invitation never arrive :( . So…I must wait for beta invitation, or for the OPEN BETA, I can’t wait! :P …I want play with CamSpace…please send me the invitation for beta, bye! Thanks for this amazing program

  15. Pavel says:

    I really want to try this software…key please :-)

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