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CamSpace Beta 7 – Sneak preview

by admin
Published on: August 18, 2008
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Hold on to your horses…

  1. shoko says:

    Круто! Молодцы! Жду не дождусь!

  2. AleTanz says:

    Well…i’m waiting to the public beta…good job men!

  3. Arthur says:

    Great idea! And how can i get registered user to test this software?

  4. can’t wait!!!
    i am happy this is an open beta so any one can use it!!!!!

  5. andre says:

    Great idea! goood software

  6. Jason says:

    I hope Camspace beta7 can get the camera source
    to our own game.

  7. Nadav says:

    i hope you guys improve the graphics. the application is really awesome but its pretty ugly.

  8. rio says:

    If you guys want it, maybe I can help with the graphics and interface. I’m a designer and a coder too. Recently I’ve been trying to make flash-based motion tracking too, occasionally play with ocx, but maaan.., this(yours) is too powerful to not get involved with. I’m so excited seeing the video ^_^

    o yeah, I’ll do it for free ofcourse. Just delighted to do something for the community (if needed)

    Can’t wait to test the BETA 7!

  9. jpmelgarejo says:

    como me suscribo?

  10. icechokoman says:

    Waiting the open beta good job

  11. Uri says:

    Do you care sending me an invitation…

    This application can be very interesting for me, since I am into image processing and augmented reality…


  12. bgman says:

    when the public beta will be relased ?? i cant wait !! :D

  13. 失忆 says:

    I can’t update the camspace beta7.
    please help me to done!
    thank you!

  14. Weber says:

    It’s look great if you consider using it with new Blender ( that have Game engine to do games. Then anybody can make simple casual games and use it with CamSpace.

  15. Toha says:

    rus: славно сработали идею! грамотно. давайте мультиязычность! по-русски ViKi что-ли сваяйте )))

    eng(trans Google):
    implemented a nice idea! competently! let other languages! in Russian ViKi that if YOU)))

    you will have success in Russia

  16. Ubuntolog says:

    What about Linux version? May we hope? Or for some strange reason – windows version only?

  17. KukMan says:

    make it for linux

  18. Giobatta says:

    I hope this beta will support non-SSE processors!!! I’d really like to use it!
    PLEASE! :-D

  19. diegodx says:

    meeeeeeeeeen i waiting so much to use camspace!!
    to hell with WII, mom, don’t buy me one…

  20. frozt says:

    I’d really like to use it!
    i wantttttttttttttttttttttttttttt useeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee plzzzzzzzzzzzzz and if u want i can help u XD

  21. caca says:

    omg hurry hurry i cant wait

  22. Romis says:

    Waiting and waiting and waiting…for email with registration and downloadlink.
    Can you tell us a date, when it will be ready? A week? A month? A year? Tell us, we are looking forward to use it!

  23. Franatic says:

    Hi Guys! I can help with language spanish!.. I m from Argentina..

  24. Браво says:

    Присоеденяюсь к shoko! Это на самом деле очень полезная прога для камеры!! Жду с нетерпением финала.. Хотелось конечно чтобы была поддержка всех игр, как джостик и фри версия хотябы лайт. А так удачи вам во всех начинаниях!! Спасибо!

  25. JX,Lin says:

    I just wait until the use of the opportunity, but just installed a good time to use it can not, but I am looking forward to Camspace the seventh edition.

  26. Barack Obama says:


  27. Tiago Pavan says:

    Hi guys! If you nee some help with Brazilian Portuguese translations, count on me, ok?

    Cya around!

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