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Published on: August 4, 2009
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Hi All!

It’s been a few months since our last entry. It’s not because there wasn’t much going on, it was more because there was too much going on :)

Either way we thought we’d update you on the new stuff we’ve been working on.

We have developed CamSpace to run from within the browser as an ActiveX (soon you will get access to it, we promise) . This means that in addition to supporting any web cam we can also run from within any browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer).  We’ve also developed the ability to lock on a particular product or object and make sure only that can be a controller.

This has let us do really great things with advertisers.
See a quick video showing what we can do:

Our value proposition for advertisers and interactive agencies is:
-      Sales acceleration – using advertisers products, web and a pc we can create interactive motion tracking games running over the internet

-      Emotional bond between product and consumer – as you use the product and experience a really unique activity you emotionally bond with the product

-      Maximum exposure – Our technology runs over the Internet and using any pc -  meaning we can reach the mass consumers easily

-      Support for POS activities – we are also able to run in POS or attraction points as a stand

-      Viral and word-of-mouth marketing – the experience creates a lot of buzz and word of mouth advertising! People tell their friends about it!

-      Unique experience – brand yourselves as different! Not part of the pact!
Recently we went out to the streets to film people having fun with CamSpace for the first time.

Check out the My First Time video:

So if you know anyone that might find our technology useful, do not hesitate to direct them to us!

More news soon to come…

  1. Arsento says:

    Interesting and informative. But will you write about this one more?

  2. Z says:

    Great progress you guys. Here’s some feedback:
    1. Clean, clean cleeeaan up your website! The forums are FLOODED with spam. Get a good spambot protection addon, or switch the system. Same goes to wordpress – use Akismet.

    2. Your technology is amazing. You need more developers, imo. The support in Flash is a huge advantage. Put up more Flash-specific examples, show how far the developer’s (Flash) game can go with your technology.

    3. Where’s your twitter? :)


  3. redg says:

    I woold like to ear when a mac version will come on, thank you and good job…

  4. 1 question:

    Did this software have support for XBMC ? like Kinect, or Wiimotes ?

    If yes please contact me i want to integrate this sistem to XBMC HTPC software
    If not please contact me to help you doing that

    /// I speak spanish :D , if u don’t understand what i’m saying please contact me :D

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