Samsung here we go – our first Campaign!

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Published on: August 17, 2009
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Yesterday was a monumental moment for CamSpace!

We launched our first large, ultra cool campaign for the new Samsung touch mobile phones along with the leading advertising agency Mccaan Erickson.

It is a website that you control using hand gestures (minority report style) using any webcam. It was implemented as an ActiveX and as a FireFox extension so the install is really simple!

check it out, we’d love to hear your thoughts:

Samsung Mobile Touch Website

  1. peter says:

    hello, its not mac compatible? no?

  2. Dory Zidon says:

    Hi Peter

    right now we do not support mac, but hopefully this will be something we add in the future!


  3. Ivan says:

    And what about Linux support in browser Firefox which came from Linux as You remember?

  4. kyriakos says:

    is there linux support? i was trying to find this firefox addon…

  5. Abhilash says:

    can we customize the widgets by creating our own

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